Rich Snippets

 Advanced gig includes the following:

  • Logo Markup (Adds your company or website’s logo for branding)
  • Corporate Contacts (Adds company’s contact and customer service information in search)
  • Social Profile Links (Adds Twitter, G+ and Facebook profiles in search results)
  • Breadcrumbs (Add top pages of your website in search result)
  • Search Box (Adds search box in search results)
  • Star Aggregate Ratings Schema (Add stars next to your search results)
  • Product Information (Add product price, stars and description)
  • Event/Concert/Ticketer Markup (Show upcoming events in the search results)
  • Services (Show services in search result)
  • Images (markup your product/service images)
  • Article Review
  • markup Videos
  • markup GEO
  • markup (has map include)


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